Friday, October 9, 2009


I went to see Wicked last night at the Civic Center and WOW. Awesome! Here are two clips of the cast that is touring now:

Marcie Dodd singing "Defying Gravity"

Helene Yorke singing "Popular"

This cast was incredible...glad I got to see it!


  1. You saw Wicked! I'm totally jealous! I read the book and I have the cd and I really want to see the show!!!! (especially since I sang "I'm Not that Girl" for musical theatre last year... speaking of musical theatre.. i'm so excited for the musical! I hope we get enough guys!)

  2. I did! It was amazing! You need to look up videos of those two girls singing all the songs...Marcie did a great job with "I'm Not that Girl"'d love it!

  3. Oh My Gosh!!! I love that musical! I bet you had better seats than I did. We sat in the back row. I brought binoculars. The makeup for this is incredible. I have the CD and I read the book too. I think the book was a little confusing though. That's so cool Kat. I wish I could have seen your preformance. It must have been fun singing that song. I would LOVE to be in the musical. Did you figure out what musical we are going to do? I wasn't at the meeting. I don't know much.