Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Choir Festivus

Today is the High School Conference Vocal Festival! We leave around noon for a full day of singing in Des Moines!  These types of events are usually pretty fun.  Generally when you see other schools in the conference, you are competing against them.  Trying to beat them at football or basketball; trying to get into an auditioned honor choir.  It's always about being better than the other schools; always about winning something.  Conference Vocal Festival is a time to come together and do something as a large group.  We all learn the same songs and sing them together. No one gets a rating--no one wins a trophy--no one has to go home feeling defeated.  It's all about doing your best and show casing what YOUR school's vocal music program has to offer.  It's a time to stand next to kids like yourself from a different community and sing with them.  It's a long day no doubt--lots of rehearsal--stand up, sit down, be in a hot crowded gym all day, hope your neighbor put on deoderant this morning--but it's fun :) Plus, who DOESN'T like skipping school for the day and singing! I know I always did. I'm just excited that everyone in our choir will get the opportunity to feel proud of their work and hear what other schools are doing.  Sometimes you get so wrapped up in what's happening in Earlham, IA that you forget there are other people and places out there.  It's nice to get out and experience something new!  Today should be a great day!