Monday, October 26, 2009

look at the date...

Someone pinch me. Is it seriously the end of October? Where have the past 2 months gone??!! Time is FLYING by. I guess that's good though--we've been super busy and accomplishing a lot! No time to look at the calendar :) In the past five weeks, Earlham Choir members have:

-auditioned for Opus
-auditioned for All-State
-put on a GREAT concert
-will be auditioning (tonight!) for ISU Honor Choir
-completed one quarter of choir and lessons...1/4 done with the school year!!

That might not seem like a big deal, but it is! There is so much behind the scenes work that goes on to make all that happen.  First of all, honor choir auditions take a lot of outside effort to all we have had about 25 people take on this responsibility! For a program with only 50 some kids in it, I take that as a HUGE success! There seems to be lots of interest and excitement building up--I can't wait to see what the future years will hold here :)

Our concert last Thursday...AWESOME. I heard great comments from students, parents, faculty, everyone! We had some scary moments rehearsing the previous week--but that always happens right before a concert.  There is always a minor dip in progress about the week or two before a big event...then right before something clicks and wonderful music is made :) I'm so proud of all you middle school and high school students for your hard work to make that night a success!

Well now that things have *sort of* calmed down here, I will be better about posting more entries.  Sleep left me long ago, so I'm struggling to find the motivation to do this weekly :) But I'm guzzling down coffee and picking myself up again! Here's to a great last week in October and hopefully another successful month ahead! November looks to be exciting--conference honor fest for high school choir, convention for me, and THANKSGIVING BREAK! Hallelujah ladies and gents--rest is on the way :)

Have a GREAT Monday :)

Friday, October 9, 2009


I went to see Wicked last night at the Civic Center and WOW. Awesome! Here are two clips of the cast that is touring now:

Marcie Dodd singing "Defying Gravity"

Helene Yorke singing "Popular"

This cast was incredible...glad I got to see it!