Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Bee...

That is what the Earlham Music Department is this month.  A bunch of busy bees!  We have so much going on in December--I feel like my planner is going to explode if I write one more thing in it!  But it's going to be a great month!  Tomorrow is the community Craft Bazaar which we will be taking part in this year.  We'll be serving a delicious breakfast from 8:00-10:30, gift-wrapping, and selling hot cocoa, cider, homemade candy, sweatshirts/t-shirts, and CDs all day!  We also have several students singing and/or playing carols while shoppers do their thing.  We're hoping it will be a great money maker for us!  We have lots of things we want to do in the future and they all cost some dough :) Mainly, go to CHICAGO! But more about that a little later...

Tomorrow afternoon we will be taking part in the first annual West Glen Caroling event...they invited local school groups to sing for one hour in West Des Moines.  They will compensate us with a very generous $200 donation!  What a fun way to earn some easy cash for the department!  We'll have students, parents, and friends all singing together--should be lots of fun!

Think the weekend is over? Guess again.  The high school choir was asked to provide some holiday entertainment for the E-Bank's Christmas party on Sunday evening.  So after a full day on Saturday, we'll get together Sunday evening and sing our hearts out one more time!  It's always fun to get out into the community and show them what we're all about.  This weekend will definitely be great exposure for what is happening here--and I think people will be pleased!  To get kids to come in and volunteer their time on a Saturday AND Sunday speaks highly of their dedication to their own program.  And I only had to bully a few people into it :) just kidding! You guys are all great!

Well the weekend is almost here...time to double and triple check (thanks OCD...) my to-do lists to make sure everything is ready to go!  Then on to the next big event...Cocoa, Carols, and Chili on Sunday December 13th!  It's never-ending music fun here in Earlham :)

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